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Applications for Fall 2022 are Now Open

We are accepting applications for our Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (IATPL), Modular Airline Transport Pilot License (Modular ATPL) and Private Pilot License (PPL) programs that starts in August 2022.

Last day to apply is July 29th but we encourage applicants to submit their applications in a timely manner.

Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License

The Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (IATPL) Program is designed for students with no or limited previous experience. The program starts August 29th and takes about 24 months to complete. It is a highly structured and comprehensive program that focuses on your goal of becoming a First Officer with an airline.

Modular Airline Transport Pilot License

The Modular ATPL program is ideal for those who have a private pilot's license and want to take their studies further. Theoretical (ground) courses at the Icelandic Aviation Academy begins on August 2, 2022 and ends in the spring of 2023 (two semesters). After completing theoretical courses and school exams, the student must pass a theoretical commercial pilot examinations at the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration. The student then has 36 months to complete the practical training.

Private Pilot License (PPL)

The PPL program is intended for those who want to become private pilots and want to engage in flight on small single-engine aircraft, for the benefit of themselves and their passengers. Private pilot training can also be a first step towards a commercial pilot's license if the student chooses the Modular Airline Transport Program way towards the professional pilot license.

The program is conducted in accordance with pan-European rules on aviation studies, which are implemented in Iceland by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) through the EEA Agreement. Upon completion of a private pilot training course, a student acquires a pan-European private pilot license (Part-FCL flight license), which entitles him to fly a single-engine airplane in a passenger flight with passengers free of charge around the world. Private pilot training is both fun and challenging, which is divided into theoretical and practical training.

Theoretical training for private pilot licenses begins on August 29th and runs for 10 weeks until November 4th.