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Iceland Aviation Academy is one of the market leading flight schools in the Nordic region. We aim to deliver the highest quality training at competitive prices – offering great value for our students. Our graduates come from all over the world and as a student of Iceland Aviation Academy you will become part of an international training environment. After graduating from one of our programs you will have gained the attitude, professionalism and skills required for a successful aviation career.

Choose the path that suits your needs

Iceland Aviation Academy offers students the choice between an Commercial Professional Pilot Program (Intergrated CPL ME/IR), and Advanced Training Program (Modular CPL ME/IR) and Private Pilot Program (PPL). Along with those program options we also offer professional advancement programs such as our Flight Instructor Certification Program (FI) and Multi-Crew Cooperation and Jet Orientation Course (MCC, APS-MCC & JOC).

A Unique flying environment

At Iceland Aviation Academy you are close to unspoiled nature and Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland – a city famous for its vibrant cultural and social scene. When in Iceland you will never be far from some of the most exciting and unique places in the world - no matter if you are flying or enjoying a day off.

With air operations at both Reykjavik Domestic Airport at Keflavik International Airport, and theoretical classes at the Keilir Campus in Reykjanesbær, pilot students have the chance to get optimal training experience while in Iceland. With Iceland itself offering a unique location for pilot training, open-sky, breathtaking scenery, and challenging environment.

Keilir Academy

Iceland Aviation Academy is part of Keilir Academy, a center for learning, entrepreneurship, and science. Currently there are four different schools under the Keilir umbrella, the Health Academy, Ásbrú Secondary School, the University center, and Iceland Aviation Academy.