Accommodation and Housing

Keilir, Atlantic Center of Excellence is developing an educational community on the site of the former US Military Air-Base in Keflavik. Today the habitants at the educational community Campus are approximately 1800 living in 700 apartments at the Student Housing (Keilir). The monthly rental price is favorable and all students are allegeable for rentals as long as they fulfill the academic qualifications. Internet access and transportation between the Student Housing and other universities in Reykjavik are included in the monthly rental. 

Keilir is in charge of Keflavik Airport Campus. Its role is to offer students at Keilir Atlantic Center of Excellence and universitys convenient and well-placed housing at a fair price. The housing comes in all sizes. There are one person apartments and apartments for two individuals, apartments for couples, and family apartments with one, two, three or four bedrooms. All rooms/apartments have internet connection.