Mechatronics Engineering Lab

The main research theme of the The Mechatronics Engineering Laboratory is efficient use and conservation of energy using automatic intelligent controls. The research and development carried out in the lab are mainly aimed at the needs of the icelandic industries, e.g. the geothermal–, fish– and biomedical industries. The work can be roughly divided into two areas: measurements and control. Both areas make use of electronics, software, motors, and other electrical/electronic equipment, e.g. PLCs.

The measurement technology research will be centered on nondestructive measuring techniques which can be used in-situ without interrupting the operation of the machinery, or the process, being monitored. Part of the research and development will be pointed at the preparation of hardware such as sensors, amplifiers and computers in corrosive environments under either or both high temperature and high pressure. Research on different signal processing techniques, data storage and transportation methods between digital systems will also be part of the work.

The control technology development will be performed in conjunction with the research conducted in the other laboratories, i.e. controls will be made based on the properties of the materials used, chemical composition of working fluids, the process/working cycle and the environment.