Material Engineering Lab

The main focus of the The Material Engineering Laboratory is research on engineering materials and materials operating in severly corrosive environment such as in the geothermal power plants. Special attention will be on geothermal drilling technology, but studies for other applications will also benefit from the lab equipment, e.g. food processing, prosthetics and fuel cell research.

The lab will be equipped with equipment for corrosion–fatigue testing (e.g. multi–axial), research and development of coatings, defect analysis, failure analysis and nondestructive evaluation. The lab will also be outfitted with equipment for the fabrication and testing of engineered materials, such as polymer and ceramic composites.

Emphasis will be put on developing condition monitoring techniques which can be used for reliably detecting incipient damages and for monitoring them as they grow until they become detrimental. The results from the geothermal lab research can then be tested in–situ at the two geothermal power plants that are located within 10-20 minute drive from the laboratories.