Keilir Institute of Technology - School of Energy and Technology

The School of Energy and Technology is dedicated to excellence in education at the undergraduate level in the fields of energy and related technologies. 

The school offers two multidisciplinary B.Sc. programs in engineering technology one in green energy technology and the other in mechatronics. The programs are part of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Iceland, with courses and administration taking place at Keilir Institute of Technology.

The cluster also runs a state-of-the-art research laboratories in applied energy engineering. The laboratories are located in the same building as the school and are used for teaching, training, research and development. Start-up companies within the technology park will be able to make use of the research facilities.

An energy resource park that is presently under development will provide additional facilities for tight collaboration between the energy industries (geothermal and other) and the School of Energy and Technology. Thus, bringing together academia and the energy industry.  

Industrial Engineering Technology

The program in Industrial Engineering Technology for Chemical and Biological processes combines concepts from both chemistry and biological systems, along with principles of physics and engineering; with an emphasis on utilisation of renewable energy sources. Together these help to inspire, guide and develop the production of future chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals, and advanced biomaterials. 

Course Catalogue for Industrial Engineering Technology. 


The program in mechatronics revolves around the integration of mechanical, electronic and software components into efficient modern monitoring, control, and regulation systems. The two programs are interconnected; as such systems lie at the heart of geothermal and other renewable energy plants and play a key role in the efficient use and conservation of energy. 

Course Catalogue for Mechatronics.