Presentation of final BSc projects at KIT

Adam Crompton presents his final BSc project in Engineering Technology at University of Iceland and Keilir Institute of Technology on the Feasibility of Enhanced Geothermal Systems in Iceland, Thursday 26 May at 09:15 am in Keilir Main Building at Asbru.

Adam Crompton was born and raised in Liverpool. From 2003-2008 he attended Deyes High School where he completed his GCSE's. From 2008-2010 he again attended Deyes High School to complete his A-levels in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. After he graduated from college he did not want to attend university; so since that time he has lived and worked in Switzerland, Austria and Australia working as a ski instructor and on farms. In 2013 he became very interested in going to university to study engineering, so he applied to Keilir and was accepted. He is currently doing his thesis in the “feasibility of Enhanced Geothermal Systems in Iceland.