Library of Science & Technology

The Keilir Institute of Technology (KIT) at the Asbrú Enterprise Park in Iceland has recently announced its ambition to establish a top research library focused on science, technology, engineering, renewable energy, and entrepreneurship. The project title is: The Iceland Book Drive 2010. 

In 2006, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) abandoned its Navy base in Keflavik, Iceland, since 1951, leaving over 900 local people unemployed. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of the departure, the local population looked at the opportunities associated with the new worldview and consequently established a new Institute of Technology, Keilir, focusing on sustainability, technology, engineering, renewable energy, and entrepreneurship in order to create new jobs in Iceland. 
The Iceland Book Drive Project is an initiative to create a new library, providing research books, periodicals, etc. The Library will focus on books and periodicals about science, technology, engineering, renewable energy, and entrepreneurship. Books for the library will be collected in various ways such as donations and purchases. The library will not only serve students and teachers at the Keilir Institute but all other universities in Iceland, companies, and also the general public. The name of the library is The Library of Science and Technology. 
In 2010, The Iceland Book Drive Project aims to collect at least 10,000 textbooks in Iceland and abroad in order to raise an amount of USD 50,000. The Iceland Book Drive campaign will seek donations from individuals worldwide, friends, professors, donors, and book authors. We also plan to call upon support from international publishers, universities, and other organisations, which want to support education and industries in Iceland. We prefer books in English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, French and Spanish.


For additional information please contact Sverrir Guðmundsson Head of Keilir Institute of Technology.
Please send book donations to the following address
Keilir Institute of Technology 
Sverrir Guðmundsson
Grænásbraut 910
235 Reykjanesbaer