Keilir Institute of Technology

Welcome to the Keilir Institute of Technology (KIT). KIT is an independent educational organization, positioned at the center of a unique technology park located at Ásbrú Enterprise Park - the site of the former US Naval Air Station in Keflavik Iceland. The park brings together an international university level program, leading businesses and start-ups in close vicinity to Keflavik International Airport.

The mission of KIT is to advance energy engineering sciences in Iceland and to educate and train young men and women in the field of energy engineering sciences and technology. The goal is to generate new knowledge and produce highly trained professionals for the energy and technology industry.

KIT operates both the School of Energy and Technology and state-of-the-art research laboratories in applied energy engineering. The laboratories are located in the same building as the school and are used for teaching, training, research and development. An energy resource park that is presently under development will provide additional facilities for tight collaboration between the energy industries (geothermal and other) and the School of Energy and Technology, thus bringing together academia and the energy industry.