Combined rainwater and grey water treatment system

Artur Kamil Matusiak
Artur Kamil Matusiak

Dagana 26. - 29. maí fara fram varnir lokaverkefna hjá útskriftarnemum í tæknifræðinámi Háskóla Íslands og Keilis. Kynningarnar fara fram í aðalbyggingu Keilis og eru öllum opnar nema annað sé tekið fram.

  • Heiti verkefnis: Combined rainwater and grey water treatment system
  • Nemandi: Artur Kamil Matusiak
  • Tímasetning: Miðvikudagur 27. maí, kl. 15:00

Lýsing: During research for the final project idea, some water treatment solutions were found. Throughout time of analysis it was clear that this field has still many opportunities for improvement. One of an upgrade idea is presented in this document. It combines two systems: rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling in one setup. In addition gravity feeding is provided to decrease pump's wear. In this document information can be found about prototyping process. It starts with requirements which specify project frames. Later the hardware is provided as well as software development, to fulfill specifications. A feasibility study can be found also to show whether this system can be competitive with solutions, which already exist on the market.

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