Áhugaverð rannsóknarverkefni

We are looking for student assistants for two research projects at Keilir Institute of Technology.

Project 1. A new patented thermoelectric generator is attached to a hot water pipe at Keilir that generates electricity from the temperature difference between the hot pipe and the ambient air without any moving parts. Electrical analysis of the system and the development of battery/capacitor storage capabilities can enable the thermoelectric generator to power LED lighting, security devices and small wheeled robots. [Thermoelectric-Based Power Generator for Powering Microcontroller Based Security Camera]

Project 2. Using the existing heated sidewalk technology to heat the soil has increased agricultural production by 20% at Keilir. Tomatoes, zucchinis and even banana plant are now grown outdoors in the Iceland test gardens. Mechatronic control systems and heat transfer analysis studies are needed to make this system marketable in Iceland. [Waste Geothermal Hot Water for Enhanced Outdoor Agricultural Production]

Team Leaders

Robert Dell, Visiting Scientist at Keilir Institute of Technology is recognized by Scientific American as one of the leading professional researchers in the New York City area. He is the Founding Director of the Center for Innovation and Applied Technology at The Cooper Union in New York City. His many other research appointments include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Robert has received numerous research grants, written many research papers, and has been awarded four patents. 

Krista Hannesdottir, Teacher at Keilir Institute of Technology, is a former researcher at Denmark’s national research center, Risoe/DTU National Laboratories.

Additional Information

These are international projects with research partners at Keilir Institute of Technology, the Cooper Union in New York City, and the University of Iceland. Student contributions will be cited in research papers. Please contact either Robert or Krista if you are interested.

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