IAK Student Testimonials

Read student tesimonials about the IAK personal trainer programme:

Logi Geirsson, professional team-handballplayer and IAK Personal Trainer 

"I am known for doing things my way in everything I endure and physical training is there no exception. When I entered the personal training program at Keilir, I had some fixed ideas on how to implement physical training but the program has certainly added valuable knowledge and opened my eyes for best practice in training and how to build a better body.

Since I graduated, I’ve been enormously inspired in my training with my professional sports participation and in with my clients in personal training. I can sincerely recommend the IAK Personal Training Program for all who wants to excel in sports and physical training."

Inga Lára Jónsdóttir, model fitness contender and IAK personal trainer

"I decided to enter the personal training program at Keilir because I have always had great interest on exercise and healthy lifestyle. I thought I had good general knowledge in that field but in hindsight, I have to admit that I have learned more than I expected and the best thing is, I am hungrier for further education and will continue to seek more knowledge in the future. 

The study taught me how different we are as individuals and my goal is to serve each and every of my future client.  It also enhanced my understanding of the synergy of exercise, balanced nutrition and mental wellness. I learned great deal of skills that I look forward to deliver to my future clients. I absolutely want to give the program my best commendation as it is, in my opinion, the best personal training education available."

Ásthildur Björnsdóttir, nurse and IAK personal trainer

"After looking into the market of personal training education in Iceland, I was totally sold into the IAK personal training program at Keilir.  I am registered nurse since 2001, studied that profession at University of Akureyri so I had done my share of human physiology and anatomy. I had the chance to have those subjects valuated but decided not to. I do not regret that decision as the teaching of the subjects was fantastic and had the right approach, towards the needs of the personal training profession.

If you are seeking for education where exercise, health nutrition and training are combined, I can without hesitation recommend this fantastic and fun program."

Elvar Þór Karlsson, IAK personal trainer

"The IAK personal training program opened my mind towards physical training and ways to train people. Now I have much better understanding of the human anatomy and the function of the body. What was the most important for me, is that now I am much more capable to react to an athlete’s injuries and understand how to prevent sports injuries with my athletes.  I consider myself a better athlete and way better Crossfit coach since going through the program at Keilir."

Björgvin Páll Gústavsson, professional team handball player and IAK personal trainer 

"Before I took on the studies in personal training at Keilir, I considered myself quite proficient in all aspects of sports and fitness but as soon as the program started, I found myself gaining new knowledge and skills that I never expected to be as beneficial as it has dawned on me.

The program boasts from having fantastic teachers on board so the students are really learning from the best in each subject.  This fact has proven to be very beneficial in my new career as personal trainer as well in my sport, team handball."

Silja Úlfarsdóttir, retired professional track & field athlete and IAK personal trainer

"As sports coach I want maximum results and the IAK program is most definitely contributing in that effort. I am an experienced athlete myself but now I have the self-confident to assist other athletes to hone on their weaknesses, fix’em, avoid overuse injuries and gain maximum results from training."