Course Schedule

In the fall of 2016, Keilir Health Academy will offer an online Personal Trainer program in English. The program is equal to 60 credit units according to the Icelandic Qualification Framework set by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. 

The program is designed to create excellent personal trainers with extended knowledge on human health and fitness and on creating individualized exercise programs.

The year is split in four modules (semesters), each 11 weeks in length. Students can start their studies in the beginning of any of the four modules (see dates below). You have the option to complete as many courses as you please in each module and finish the program in the time frame that suits you. You can view the time frame of the modules here below:

Flexibility of learning within your time table

The flexibility of online learning offers the opportunity to control your own phase of the study. The student can adjust it to his/her own timeframe. Note that some courses have a precursor course. Below you can see a table listing which courses are prerequisite to others.  Note - each module of the program can differ from one student to another as students can choose from 4 dates in a year, to start the program. (see starting dates under the table below).


  • Starting dates 2017: January 9th, April 3rd, June 26th, September 18th.
  • Starting dates 2018: January 8th, April 2nd, June 25th, September 17th.

Course Listing

  • Functional Human Anatomy

    This course introduces the musculoskeletal, vascular and nervous systems to give students a basic understanding of the structures in these systems contributing to human movement in exercise and sport.  Students will focus on these three systems to identify how simple and complex motor skills are produced. 

    Students will identify the appropriate components of the musculoskeletal, vascular and nervous systems and will explain how these work together to create skillful, coordinated movement during participation in everyday activity, exercise training and sports participation. Students will also begin to understand how to identify deficiencies of these skillful, coordinated movements and what training may be appropriate for assisting in correction of these deficiencies. There will be an introduction to the biomechanical principles of human movement that will stimulate the student to learn more about the field of kinesiology.  

    • This course is a prerequisite for Kinetic Anatomy and Applied Strength Training
  • Exercise Physiology

    This course will introduce students to integrated exercise physiology, the relationship between exercise, health and physiological systems of the body.  Students will gain understanding on the impact of exercise on the Metabolic and Bioenergetics, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Neuromuscular, and Endocrine systems. Students will learn the relationships between these systems, environmental influences, and how the body adapts to physical activity.  The focus for Physiology I is on the systems related to exercise for safe and effective physical activity and training, impacting health and performance, for males and females of all ages and activity interests. 

    • The course is a prerequisite for Exercise Physiology ll.
  • Exercise Nutrition

    This course covers the foundation in nutrition where the main subjects in the field are defined, such as; energy and energy production, macronutrients and micronutrients, dietary reference intakes, food pyramids and hydration. 

    The course covers how to recognize special populations, the importance of correctly identifying a client as a member of a special population, and the types of chronic and acute conditions that personal trainers might encounter. Specific nutritional concerns for each special population are addressed. Students will develop nutritional and physical activity profiles for special populations.

  • Career Development and Business of PT

    The course will focus on business and career development components and information needed for the personal trainer planning to and entering the fitness industry. 
    The instructors will educate you on a wide variety of information spanning from the basic fundamentals of selecting a specialty and earning a secondary certification to the marketing components and client retention skills. 

    Topics on how to start your career as a certified personal as well as many industry tips for success are covered.

  • Program Design for Health and Fitness

    This course covers the scientific basis of program design. Several existing popular models of program design are examined and students will be able to determine which program designs are scientifically valid.

    The essential considerations of program design will be covered and students will be able to create programs into a program design template to meet the needs of a variety of personal training clients.

  • Applied Strength Training

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  • Testing, Measuring and Movement Screening

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