Starting your Personal Trainer Career

Have you ever felt the joy of making a personal change and adopting a healthier lifestyle through regular physical exercise, improved nutrition and a more positive outlook to life?

If you want to help others to make such a change in their life - you might want to look at starting your own career as a personal trainer. Our graduates  have helped thousands of people to make positive changes that encourage healthy living and enhance wellbeing. Moreover, it is not only the client that benefits from personal training.  The personal trainers experience the same health benefits and fulfillment while also advancing their own careers in the field of health and fitness.  

Starting a career in personal training is easier than you think. NPTC has all the tools to build the foundation for your career in the health and fitness industry. The teaching style and material suits everybody no matter where you want to work in the future.

Read what Robert Linkul, NSCA-CPT, CSCS NSCA personal trainer of the year 2012 has to say about building successful Personal Training businesses