Nordic Personal Trainer Certification | NPTC

Keilir has been educating personal trainers in Iceland since 2007 through the IAK personal trainer program. It is the most extensive personal training study program in the country. The NPTC online personal training program is built on the proven results from IAK. By the end of the course students will be fully prepared to work with clients in health and fitness clubs as well as being able to tap into their entrepreneurial skills which are developed in the program. 

The Nordic Personal Trainer Certification is:

  • a flexible online program where you can plan the phase of the study that fits your schedule.
  • built on 10 years of experience from the proven IAK personal training program in Iceland 
  • an education where the latest research is taught by outstanding teachers whom are expertise in their field.
  • open to those who desire to start a rewarding career in growing industry.*

Contact information and application

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*To be eligeble to enroll to the Nordic Personal Training Certifiication program, you need to be at least 19 years of age and have finished  highscool education

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