• Keilir Health Academy

    International Programs for Personal Trainers
    and Adventure Guides

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  • IAK-personal

    The Personal Trainer Certification is the most
    comprehensive course of it's kind in Iceland

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  • IAK-strength

    Ambitious program in the field of
    strength coaching education

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  • Adventure Guide Studies

    Eight Month long university program for adventure guides
    taking place on location all around Iceland

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  • Adventure Guide Program

    International Eight-Month Univeristy Program
    in Iceland for Adventure Guides

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  • Nordic Fitness Education

    "Great program which gave me the opportunity to study while pursuing my professional football career"
    Dagný Brynjarsdóttir, Icelandic National Football Team

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Keilir Health Academy

The Health Academy is one four schools developed by Keilir and aims to provide outstanding education in the field of health, fitness and sport. The leading courses available at the school include Level 4 Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, and an eight-month university program to become an Adventure Guide.

54 trainers graduate from Keilir Health Academy in Iceland

Keilir Health Academy graduated 54 candidates on 8 June at Andrews Theater in Iceland, 42 Personal Trainers and 12 Strength and Conditioning Coaches. After the graduation ceremony a total of 645 trainers since the school was established ten years ago.
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