KRAS - Keilir Cafeteria

KRÁS is located in the Keilir main building at Grænásbraut 910 in Reykjanesbær. Our aim is to offer students and staff an affordable healthy and good lunch menu. During lunch hours we'll offer a selection of warm lunch, salad bar and soup. One vegan course is on offer every time, either soup or warm dish.

Chef Bodvar Bjornsson will arrange the menu and we would like to welcome him to the Keilir staff.

It is also possible to bring food from home and a microwave and sandwich grill are available for student use. Coffee cups, plates and so on should be returned to the canteen if they have been taken elsewhere. Please do not leave coffee cups within the school‘s corridors.

  • Menu for 16 - 20 September

    Date Meal Soup

    16 September

    Salted cod and potatoes Tomato soup

    17 September

    Meatballs, spaghetti and parmesan Red pepper soup
    18 September
    Eggnoodles with chicken and vegetables Celleriac soup with truffles
    19 September
    Vegetable patties with hummus and rice Gullash soup
    20 September
    Enchiladas Soup with Indian spices
  • Prices 2019 - 2020

    It's necessary to purchase your meals beforehand. A single meal at KRÁS is 1.500 IKR but if you subscribe for a meal (either for a single month, a whole semester or the full academic year) you receive a reduced price. Prices for the academic year 2019 - 2020:

    • Single meal: 1.500 IKR (you can only purchase 10 ticket cards)
    • Soup and Salad: 1.000 IKR (you can only purchase 10 ticket cards)
    • Monthly subscribtion: 1.400 IKR pr. meal
    • Semester subscribtion: 1.300 IKR pr. meal
    • Annual subscribtion (full academic year): 1.200 IKR pr. meal

    You can register your meal plan here

  • Lunch ticket and subscription

    Staff and students at Keilir can purchase both lunch subscription (monthly, semester or annual subscription) or 10 ticket lunch cards at the Keilir reception between 8-12 and 13-16 during weekdays.