First graduating class from the University Adventure Sport Certificate Program

Friday 20 June marked the day of the first graduation from Keilir and Thompson Rivers University Adventure Sport Certificate Program. This is also the first time Keilir graduates students from a foreign university program. The response for the program in Iceland has been extremely positive, by individuals and companies within the travel industry alike, and applications for the forthcoming semester have doubled compared with the same time last year.

In total thirteen candidates graduated from the first Adventure Sport Certificate group and recieved acknowledgement for completing the eight month long university program in adventure tourism. In his speech, Ragnar Thor Thrastarsson project manager for the program, mentioned that all graduates have already received jobs opportunities within the field and a number of them have been accepted for further studies at Thompson Rivers University in Canada.

Astvaldur Helgi Gylfason received acknowledgement for best overall acheivement in the program, with the grade average of 8,87 (out of 10) and Erlingur Geirsson received acknowledgement for best improvement during the study year. Orri Sigurjonsson gave the speech of the Adventure Sport Certificate graduating class of 2014.