Theoretical Training

Keilir Aviation Academy aims to be at the forefront of teaching, and utilizes the latest learning technologies, including the theoretical platform developed by the market’s leading training provider, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. Most training takes place at the Keilir Aviation Academy headquarters at Keflavik International Airport. Here you will find first-class teaching facilities along with a diverse and rewarding college life. In the classroom, students study together under the guidance of experienced instructors in a stimulating environment. 

At the beginning of your training you will attend a basic theoretical course aimed at giving you the knowledge required for the first phases of flight training. After the basic course you will attend the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) theoretical course. The ATPL theory consists of 750 hours classroom instruction and comprises 14 subjects. 

Basic theoretical course

The basic theory consists of 9 introductory subjects to aviation and the schedule permits approximately one subject per week. The subjects are divided into 8 weeks, but each week begins with self-study followed by 2-4 days in classroom. The self-study is organized with a prepared study schedule which includes reading, computer based training, assignments and questionnaires. The self-study in each subject is then followed up with an experienced instructor in the classroom where the students will work with the subject in effective learning activities such as by discussions, exercises and conventional instruction.

ATPL theoretical course

This course is a full time "on-site" course and comprises 14 subjects, to assist the student in the learning process we use a state-of-the-art interactive Learning Management System from CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. All students are provided with an iPad for use during the theoretical training which enables the student to prepare for the class room instruction where wi-fi is available: for example in-between flights at our flight training department, in the school library or at home. 

The ATPL theoretical course is a challenging and rewarding course and the highest theoretical degree you can complete within Commercial Aviation.

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