Flight Training

Diamond aircraft

The flight training is divided into five different phases, each with different content but with the same goal - providing you with the fundamentals required in commercial aviation. The program consists of approximately 200 flight hours flown on Diamond DA20, DA40 and DA42 NG aircraft, as well as synthetic flight training devices.

Phase ONE

Within a few days of training you will be flying for the first time. The first phase of flight training consists of 10 dual-flight hours with an experienced flight instructor and is aimed at your first solo flight.

Aircraft: Diamond DA20 

Phase TWO

This phase is a mixture of dual and solo flights. During phase two you will begin the preparation towards your first solo cross-country flight, where you will be following a flight plan between two airports.

Aircraft: Diamond DA20 


In phase three you will complete the remaining cross-country flying in accordance with Visual Flight Rules (VFR). You will also initiate your night rating, giving you the required skills to operate an aircraft safely at night. During this phase you will mostly be flying solo while under the supervision of an experienced flight instructor.

Aircraft: Diamond DA20 & Diamond DA40

Phase FOUR

Phase four is designed to train you to be able to operate under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in weather with limited or no visual outside reference. Keilir Aviation Academy has highly experienced airline pilots to guide you through this phase of your flight training and they will be a valuable resource throughout your training.

Aircraft: Diamond DA40, Diamond DA42 & Redbird MCX full motion simulator

Phase FIVE

At the end of your flight training you will complete phase five, the multi-crew co-operation course (MCC), which will qualify you to act as a pilot in a multi-crew environment. The course is a very important part of your training - teaching you cooperation as well as the flight management skills required to operate in a modern cockpit.

Aircraft: Boeing full motion simulator