Keilir Atlantic Center of Excellence - the mother school of Keilir Aviation Academy has its own campus where the majority of the international students live. It provides a great learning environment as well as offering an outstanding social life. In the vicinity of the campus you will find a gym, football field, swimming pools and other activities.

Most apartments are two bedrooms, with a private kitchen and bathroom. Each house has common areas such as shared kitchen, lounge area and laundry rooms. It is also possible to apply for a studio apartment (private bathroom but shared kitchen). Please note that there are limited apartments available and the sooner you apply, the more likely you are to get an apartment of your choice. 

In addition, you are entitled to apply for housing allowance when renting an apartment for more than 6 months. The housing allowance is provided by the municipality of Reykjanesbaer and dependent on your previous income. Most of our students are granted housing allowance benefits, but please note that it is outside of our control. As a rule of thumb you can get approximately 230 EUR/month, but to get a more precise calculation please visit "The housing benefit calculator"

For more information, pictures and pricing please visit the housing website.

Keilir main building