Application - Next Steps

You have now started the application process.

If you have not completed the ATPL theory before, we will send you the electronic pre-entry tests shortly and be in touch if there were any questions you had on the previous step.

When you have all required documents you should return to this page where you will be assisted in completing the next steps of the application process so make sure to save this page in your bookmarks.


Step Two - INNA

It is essential to sign up for the course in "Inna", an electronic information system maintained by the Icelandic ministry of education. This online system will maintain a record of progress throughout the training.

On the online course application page, you must choose "Integrated Professional Pilot Program | course start date" and complete the application on the next pages as thoroughly as possible.

The following documents must be attached in the INNA application process:

  • CV (in English)
  • Portrait Picture
  • School grades from your highest completed level of education
  • Confirmation of pre-entry test completion*
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of medical class 1 certificate**

Flying Experience:

  • Copy of Flight Crew License and ratings
  • Copy of last three pages of flight logbook

* The confirmation will be sent once the pre-entry tests have been completed successfully

** It is permitted to complete an application without having completed the medical assessment, however we strongly advise that you complete this step prior to signing the contract.

Step 3 - Training Agreement

a) Training agreement is signed

Keilir Aviation Academy will be in touch through email or phone to confirm your interest and to cover any outstanding issues before preparing a training agreement for you.

At last both the Academy and the applicant will confirm the application by signing a training agreement. The contract is typically prepared once all documents and information has been received and will then be sent via email to the applicant for you to sign.

A situation may arise where the course becomes full while waiting for you to sign as the application is first finalized once we receive a signed copy of the agreement.

Please review the training agreement carefully and make sure to ask if in doubt as this training agreement is a large investment which comes with equally large commitments.

b) Confirmation Payment

The training agreement contains both a training overview and a payment plan but the first payment must be completed within two weeks of signing.

With this step the application is fully confirmed and your seat will be reserved. Please note that if the confirmation is not received Keilir reserves the right to give your seat up to another applicant.