ATP Course starts & application overview

Application Overview

Step One - Basic Information
By step one, the applicant starts the application process and applies for pre-entry tests which must be completed prior to step two.

Step Two - INNA course application
INNA is an electronic application system of all education in Iceland. The applicant submits all required documents and details here. We need your application at least 4 weeks prior to you intended course start. 

Step Three - Training agreement
After completion of step one and two you will receive a training agreement. Please note you are not accepted into training until the training agreement is signed both you and Keilir Aviation Academy.

Step One - Basic Information

a) Personal Details

Denmark: CPR-nummer, Sweden: Personnummer, Other countries: social security number or passport number
Include country code
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Advanced Training Program

The modular training program is suited to your individual needs and you choose which modules you need below:

Application must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to respective course start
* Approximate number of desired flight hours for rent. (no commitment)

Applicant is responsible to meet requirements of each module of training in accordance with Part-FCL. Training modules start as soon as student meets all requirements, subject to aircraft and instructor availability at the time.

* You will need to meet minimum requirements for each module of training. Student requires approximately 120 total flight hours before start of CPL/ME/IR.

** Applicant must have completed a CPL/ME/IR skill test prior to commencing MCC/JOC simulator training.

Pre-entry Requirements

Please confirm that you meet the below prerequisites at this time. If you do not meet all of the requirements we will do our best to help you before course start.

* A medical certificate is not required when you complete your application however you must submit the medical certificate before the course start date. See approved aero-medical examiners list from the Icelandic Transport Authority.

** Upon completion of step one, you will be sent an electronic pre-entry test in English, Maths and Physics. Not required if you have completed the ATPL theory.

Next steps

By submitting the first step of the application process you will be taken to a new screen which contains further details on the next steps.

If you have already submitted step 1, then the next steps can be found here.