Course prices and fees

Our training is offered at competitive prices without compromising on quality. Iceland has a long aviation tradition which continues to play a major part in the country’s infrastructure. This has created a very favorable climate for airlines and flight schools, and the fees for acquiring and holding a license are generally lower than other countries. Moreover, there are no landing fees, which combined with our very fuel-efficient aircraft, means that we can offer a very competitive price.

Prices are subject to change.

  • General Price List

    Aircraft Rental (per hour)  
    DA20 Eclipse  € 154
    DA40 TDI € 200
    DA42 NG € 419
    Flight Instructor (per hour)  
    Flight Instructor € 50
    ICAO English Language Proficiency Assessment   
    ICAO LPA € 125
    Theoretical exams  
    First exam attempt according to exam schedule is included in the tuition fee € 0
    Retake exam € 39 (see student handbook)
    Additional fees for paying with debit and credit cards 
    Additional fee when paying with American Express  2.9%
    Additional fee for other debit and credit cards 1.35%
  • Integrated Professional Pilot Program

    Full price for the Integrated Professional Pilot Program at Keilir Aviation Academy: € 73.990

    The course price includes study material, a customized Keilir Aviation Academy flight bag, use of an iPad during your theoretical training and pilot supplies.
  • Advanced Training Program (CPL/IR/ME modular flight training)


    • ATPL Theoretical Course
    € 6.999
    • Practical Training (CPL/ME/IR)
      • Instrument Rating (IR)
        40 hours on DA40
        15 hours on DA42
      • Multi-engine piston (MEP)
        6 hours on DA42
      • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
        15 hours on DA40
      • Skill test for CPL/ME/IR
        3 hours on DA42
    € 27.851
    • Multi-Crew Cooperation and Jet Oriantation Course (MCC/JOC)
      20 hours on B757 full flight simulator
    € 5.690
      € 40.540


    More information

  • Flight Instructor Certificate

    • FI - Flight Instructor (A)

      The price for the Flight Instructor course is 8.250 €

    • IRI - Instrument Rating Instructor certificate

      The full price of the IRI course is 2.015 €, for candidates not holding an FI license.

      The price for holders of an FI(A) depends on previous experience, reducing the price to as low as 1.082 €

      Additional crediting options are available

    • Flight Instructor Refresher Seminar

  • Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC/JOC)

    Information regarding MCC/JOC

    Full price for the Multi-Crew Cooperation and Jet Orientation Course at Keilir Aviation Academy: € 5.690 

  • Rating renewal & revalidation

    MEP/IR Revalidation
    Type   Hours required   Price
    DA42 NG aircraft rental for proficiency check   2    € 838 
    Price: € 838        
    MEP/IR Renewal
    Type   Hours required   Price
    DA42 NG   1,5   € 629 
    Flight instructor   2   € 100 
    DA42 NG aircraft rental for skill test   2   € 838 
    Price: € 1.567        


    Above rates are for flight instruction and/or aircraft rental, note that all examination fees are paid directly to the examiner. The stated hours are minimum required hours, if more hours are needed this will be paid separately according to current rate list. If your license is issued in another EASA member state than Iceland check for any local regulations, examiner requirements and time frames with your state of license issue. 

  • Introductory Flight Lesson

    Experience the unforgettable feeling of soaring across the sky with an Introductory Flying Lesson gift certificate from Keilir. For further information about our Introductory Flight Lessons and to register just click here.

    • DA20 - two seater aircraft: Price: 19.000 ISK
    • DA40 - four seater aircraft: Price: 25.000 ISK
    • DA42NG - four seater twin engine aircraft: Price: 39.000 ISK
  • Aircraft Engineering

    The course is 2.400 hours and provides the student with a certification to become an apprentice with a certified Part 145 maintenance crew as an Aircraft Engineer student (attn. not included) for about 24 months which then ends with an Aircraft Engineer examination including a certification for maintenance of turbine engine aircrafts. 

    • Price: 4.290.000 ISK
  • Cabin Crew Training

    The English Cabin Crew Training Course takes twelve weeks. 

    Included in the price are the following:

    • Twelve weeks in a classroom setting
    • Rescue training in a swimming pool
    • Electronic training material (books sold on demand)
    • Course support and assessment during school hours
    • Access to Moodle, course management system

    Entrance examination is not included in the course fee.

    Cabin Crew course fees are € 5.900