Welcome and pre-arrival information

We would be very happy to welcome you here at Keilir Aviation Academy! I am very proud of our excellent and hard-working staff. You will find a friendly atmosphere from the reception and professional instructors that will conduct the training. Background ranges from captains with local airlines to helicopter commanders on the search and rescue teams.

We consider quality and safety a priority and will always be open to hear what you have to say. Our commitment to continuous improvement depends on active communication loop between us the administrators and you the student to help us identify anything and everything that needs fixing.

We realize that moving to Iceland is a huge step and takes careful consideration so our team has prepared a guide to help you through the essentials and the most commonly encountered questions after being accepted for training and when moving to Iceland.

Snorri P Snorrason
Head of Training, Keilir Aviation Academy


  • After acceptance (Immediate actions required)

    • 1. Registration in the Keilir FLY system

      Fly.keilir.net is an online solution designed to maintain a training and financial status and history throughout your training. One of the first things that you need to do in order to commence training with the Academy is to register on fly.keilir.net.

      1) Open fly.keilir.net in your web browser. 

      2) Once you have opened the website, follow the on-site instructions through the registration process.

      Once successful, your account will be validated by the financial administration and your invoices will be issued in accordance with your payment plan. If you have any issues regarding this step, please contact the fta@keilir.net.

    • 2. Airport pass application

      In order to gain access to the airside at Keflavik International Airport, you need to complete an airport pass application with ISAVIA as soon as possible. Requirement for gaining the airport pass is to pass a background check carried out by the Icelandic police authority and pass a online based security course. To initiate this process please send a proof of no criminal record to:

      Keilir Aviation Academy
      Att: Flight Training Administrator
      Grænásbraut 910
      235 Reykjanesbær

      The proof of no criminal record is collected from the local authorities in your home country and has to be provided in English. Please note that the proof of no criminal record is valid for one (1) month do not delay with this process. The original document has to be provided, the Icelandic authority won’t accept a scanned copy.

      Please complete the airport pass application, which can be downloaded here (first part, second part) and send together with your proof of no criminal record. A “dummy” on how to fill in the documentation can be found here.

  • Before arrival

    • Accommodation

      There are several different apartment types available on campus, varying form a studio apartment to a six room apartment. However the most common for our students are the 2 room apartments. For more information and prices see the housing application website and contact the housing department directly for any housing related questions.

      After acceptance we recommend our future students to apply for an apartment as soon as possible as availability may be limited.

      Further information about the Keilir Campus is available here

    • Arrival

      Try to arrive in Keflavik during office hours, on a weekday. One of our staff members will meet you at the school and give you a quick tour of the school and the area. You will also receive your key to your apartment if you have been allocated one.

      Take a taxi to:

      Keilir Aviation Academy
      Grænásbraut 910
      235 Reykjanesbær

      Address your matter with the receptionist and they will guide you to the correct department.

      If you arrive outside of office hours you have to arrange your accommodation during the first day/s by yourself. We recommend Start Hostel in Ásbrú located within 10 minutes walking distance from the main campus. If you decide to book your accommodation with them make sure to mention that you are a student at Keilir Aviation Academy and they will give you prevailing rates (currently 4000 ISK/night) in a private room. Please note that two guests share the same bathroom. They have free access to a guest kitchen and laundry facilities.

    • Useful items to bring

      Aviation related supplies such as headset are available in different price ranges, different quality and trough different distributors. We can recommend two that are located in the United Kingdom:


      School related

      • Headset
      • Kneeboard
      • Logbook
      • Black trousers (to be used as a part of the uniform)
      • Black dress shoes (to be used as a part of the uniform)
      • Sunglasses
      • Passport photos (required for license issue and debit/credit card) 


      Please note that the apartments are not equipped with linens, kitchen equipment or other textiles.

    • Economy and documentation

      The local currency in Iceland is Icelandic Króna (ISK) and the exchange rate of the currency is probably much higher than you are used to. Most payments are handled by debit- and credit cards and the locals rarely use cash.

      Make sure your passport is valid throughout your stay and, if you are a European citizen, we recommend that you bring the European health insurance card.

    • Social security number (kennitala)

      If your stay requires an Icelandic social security number (kennitala) you will need to apply for it downtown Keflavik at:

      Reykjanesbær Rádhus
      Tjarnargötu 12
      230 Reykjanesbær

      Please note that there are several application forms available, if you are a Nordic citizen you will need to ask for the correct application form. This process will de-register your previous address and your current address will be moved to Iceland. Applying for an Icelandic social security number is usually required if your stay in Iceland is 6 months or longer. 


    • Bank account

      To apply for an Icelandic bank account you need an Icelandic social security number (kennitala). If you wish to obtain an Icelandic debit/credit card you will need to bring a passport photo to the bank. There are several banks to choose from e.g. Landsbankinn and Islandsbanki both mentioned are located within walking distance from the central bus stop in Keflavik.

    • Icelandic telephone number

      Most of our students use a cellular carrier called Nova. They offer beneficial rates if you call within the Nova network.
      You can find pre-paid sim cards at the gas station N1 downtown Keflavik or at several places in Reykjavik including the NOVA store situated at Kringlan, one of the biggest malls in Iceland. 

  • Finance

    After enrolment on a course you will be issued with one or several invoices corresponding to your training agreement.  All invoices will be sent to your email address used during the enrolment process. Follow the link stated in the email or see attached PDF file in the email to access the invoice.
    Our invoicing software will automatically send out an invoice reminder 7 days prior to final due date of each invoice. 

    Upon payment please state your full name, followed by your social security number as payment reference. When the invoice has been paid please send a receipt to finance@keilir.net. Do not delay with sending the payment confirmation.

    Payments for training and services are typically made via bank transfer or credit card. Payment with credit cards (VISA/MasterCard/American Express/Diners) can only be accepted during normal office hours and a fee will arise when paying theoretical and/or flight training with a credit card.

    Finance Administration is located in the Keilir main office at Grænásbraut 910 and is open weekdays from 8:00-16:00. If you have any finance related questions do not hesitate to a member of the staff (finance@keilir.net or +354 578 4040).

  • Frequently asked questions

    I registered in FLY but cannot log in?
    Your request has been send to an administrator and needs manual approval, your account will be active within 5 working days. If you cannot access your account within 5 working days of registration, please contact us.

    Where can I find information regarding housing? 
    Please see the Housing Department website. 

    How do I apply for housing benefits?
    You can only apply for housing benefits when you have been issued with an Icelandic social security number (kennitala).
    A housing benefit calculator is available here (only available in Icelandic). Please note that Keilir Aviation Academy is not responsible, nor involved in the housing benefit application and/or decision process. If you have further questions regarding the housing benefit please contact the municipality of Reykjanesbær directly.

    I am about to pay an invoice but cannot find the payment details?
    The payment details are stated on the invoices send out. Please check your email and spamfilter for emails. If in doubt, contact us.

    Why did I get a invoice reminder when the due date is in one week? 
    Our invoicing software will automatically send out a reminder 7 days before final due date for awareness. 

    Where can I get Class 1 and 2 Medical Certificates in Iceland?
    You'll find a list of approved Aero-Medical Examiners and Aero-Medical Centers in Iceland at the Icelandic Transport Authority.

  • Contact details

    For faster reply, please see the F.A.Q above, if you cannot find the answer on your question please contact a Keilir Aviation Academy representative below:

    Name: Position: Email: Phone number:
    Kristjana Henny Axelsdottir  Theoretical Training Administrator  krissa@keilir.net +578 578 4068
    Heimir Snær Heimisson Flight Training Administrator fta@keilir.net +354 664 0169
    Jenný María Unnarsdóttir Flight Training Administrator fta@keilir.net +354 664 0169
    Gudrun Einarsdottir Financial Administrator gudrun@keilir.net +354 578 4040
    Randy Jonsdottir Housing Manager randy@keilir.net +354 578 4015
    Other requests: - flightdesk@keilir.net +354 5784040